Amazing Heeby Jeebies at Brauerhouse Tire Swarm

Brauerhouse Presents:

Amazing Heeby Jeebies at Brauerhouse Tire Swarm

Thu. May 24

8:00 pm



This event is 21 and over

Amazing Heeby Jeebies
Amazing Heeby Jeebies
Amazing Heeby-Jeebies was born in the back seat of a '63 Caddy tearing down Highway 41. Ary and Earl knew they had created something that could be a sinners delight. Neighbors curiosity grew hearing the two bang out what became the foundation of Amazing Heeby-Jeebies.
Chicago Artist Ary started painting at a young age. When she turned 21, she became a regular fixture at the hippest live music
shows mingling with international party girls, cats & taking the stage as lead vocalist and songwriter for the first time...raawwwr!
Earl Carter is also one of the two original members of The Riptones, and before that he was in numerous other Rockabilly bands like the Deacons, Deke Rivers,Penthouse Playboys and Slightly Bent. Earl Also played with many notable musicians and shows like the best Elvis Impersonator there is the late Tom Green.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch....other talented son-of-a-guns joined in, including Manny Gueverra: Guitarist Extraordinaire who also played in The HoneyBees and before that The Greaseballs.
Earl's Brother Randy "Crawdad" Carter: Guitar/Mandobird Devil Box who played with bluegrass band Slightly Bent. Bob Hyatt: Guitar/Vocals. Bob was also in the Riptones, and before that, Red, Hot and Blue with Riptones front Man Jeb. Andon Davis: Guitarist Extraordinaire/Vocals has made special appearances with the Amazing Heeby Jeebies-Andon's another member of the Riptones, Anna Fermin's Trigger Gospel,and now Heartsfield.
Tom Klein: Guitarist Extraordinaire who plays in The Country Doctors, Razorhouse, and in the past, Spies Who Surf.
Occasionally, you can see The Amazing Heeby Jeebies do a few numbers at The Big "C" Jamboree, Chicago's Original Rockabilly Roots open mic night every first Thursday of the month at Martyr's 3855 N. Lincoln avenue. They played at Duke's at 6920 N. Glenwood which is now a memory of the past after it's closing. The Amazing Heeby Jeebies Debut and coolest show was this summer at The Symco Shakedown in Symco Wisconsin on stage with the occasional sounds of roaring V8 engines...gawking at Rat Rods, Rust Buckets, Hot Rods and Motor-sickles. What will Amazing Heeby Jeebies do next? Stay tuned to find out!
Venue Information:
1000 N Rohlwing Road #13
Lombard, IL, 60148