Solution Unsatisfactory, Imbecille Missile, The Desolates & 3 To Go

BrauerHouse Presents:

Solution Unsatisfactory, Imbecille Missile, The Desolates & 3 To Go

3 To Go

Friday 1.26.18

9:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

Solution Unsatisfactory
A high-speed Chicago style 3-piece fueled by a passion for in-your-face rock and a disgust for the modern order.
The group, at large, is considered to be armed and dangerous, with catchey punk riffs and unrelenting social and political lyrics, and are described as loud and with a bad attitude. Fronted by Garvey's satirical commentary and shredding guitar, backed by Jay's insanely fast melodic bass walks and Pat's explosive assault on the drums, it's music you can revolt to.

Going for the whole Lagwagon, Lawrence Arms, Pennywise, Strung Out, Propagandhi, NoFx, A Wilhelm Scream, This is a Standoff, Snfu thing. What with the fastness and all.
Imbecille Missile
Imbecile Missile is 3 dudes that have been playing in Chicago bands for years. Their former bands include The Fizzy Pops, Shotgun Gambling, Red Channel, and theADVERSARIES. Their music is straight up punk with touches of pop punk and other elements of past Chicago punk bands. Imbecile Missile songs are catchy, good to sing along to, and hard driven. They span the spectrum of punk rock. A live Imbecile Missile show is described as energetic and they make you feel everything they're dishing out. You can see that they love what they do and have been doing it for awhile
The Desolates
The Desolates
Formed as a “just for fun” side project in August 2014, The Desolates are an original power pop punk band from Chicago, IL. Being friends for years and being intertwined musically in some way, shape or form, they decided to get together and crank out a couple tunes. It was supposed to be an occasional jam in their spare time, however Paul, Billy and Phil quickly noticed an immediate and genuine chemistry between the three of them. So after a lot of laughs, beers and song ideas, they soon developed a full set of original music and materialized into a legitimate power trio.
3 To Go
3 To Go started from the ashes of a Pop Punk band called Twelve AX 2,they were just about to do the 2005 warped tour after making a video in LA,and having songs on MTV shows Date My Mom,and Next when the drummer decided he could not go and leave a good paying village job he worked so hard to get.Adam,and Pat decided to go on ,and found another drummer,made a 3 song demo,and 6 song ep, after this the band played a few shows ,and then went on hiatus, when an opportunity to play Arlington Park race course as a Green Day tribute band was given to them by radio station Q101 because the band that was going to play it broke up and they were friends,and they knew we played a bunch of Green Day covers,so they asked if 3tg could to do it, so after learning 25 Green Day songs we decided to become Basket Case Green Day tribute, this lasted from 2009 to 2012, then band went on hiatus,but is now gearing up for more shows in the future,and then the original Twelve ax 2 line up formed an all pop punk cover band called Rewind,and now we are also going under 3 TO GO even though it is the original Twelve AX 2 line up of Adam,guitar voc, Pat Mineau bass voc,and Dave Dykas drums,we are going under 3 To Go lol !!!!! \m/
Venue Information:
1000 N Rohlwing Road #13
Lombard, IL, 60148