Downtown Brown, She Likes Todd

Brauerhouse Presents:

Downtown Brown

She Likes Todd

Glostik Willy

Saturday 12.23.17

9:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 21 and over

Downtown Brown
Downtown Brown
Exploding from (the suburbs of) Detroit rock city in 2001, and venturing to the absolute bottom of the rabbit hole by 2014, Downtown Brown has carved a unique saga over their 13-year existence. Jamming a mutant style that splices together punk, funk, metal, rock, experimental, and hip-hop, DTB garnered immediate results. People either loved them or hated them for their often politically incorrect, outrageous lyrics coupled with genre-hopping technical skill.

Founding member, songwriter and vocalist/guitarist Neil P. (Neebo) took a DIY approach from the start. What began as a basement-house-party rampage soon spilled into larger venues thanks to the band's ridiculously entertaining live show. By 2007, DTB had self-released a handful of albums and began booking their own national tours.

In 2008, after multiple member changes, Neil P. recruited the man known as RON. With the addition of the avant-garde bassist, the band adopted a more collaborative approach to songwriting. Ron's non sequitur writing style allowed for new possibilities in the direction of the music, stretching their songs into uncharted territory.

By 2010, the band got signed and released their 5th full-length record 'Grabbleton's Beach' on DC-Jam Records (Fishbone, Adicts, Richie Ramone). This was DTB's attempt to create an 'X-rated children's album ...on crack'. The LP, which features guests like Indie hip-hop sensation WAX, remains the most progressive, abstract, absurd, and musically adventurous album in the band's discography. DTB toured heavily in support of the disc over the next two years where the band thrived in a live setting, but the album ultimately confused and repulsed music critics with its vulgar stupidity and fearless sonic experimentation.

Their current drummer BOBBINZ joined in 2011 and single-handedly propelled the frenetic live energy of DTB to new heights with his ferocious, precise, and unrelenting percussion style. His addition solidified the band's tightest, most concrete lineup to date.

By 2012, Downtown Brown signed a management deal with NORWOOD FISHER of the legendary L.A. punk/funk/ska band FISHBONE, and began touring as support for larger national acts like ANGRY SAMOANS and PSYCHOSTICK. Again setting out to confuse and rub people the wrong way, DTB agreed to record a duet with the 'most hated band in the world', INSANE CLOWN POSSE, on their 2012 album 'The Mighty Death Pop' (which debuted at #4 of the Billboard 200 Album Chart).

Sadly, DTB's stage show and sillier material seemed to over shadow the band's emotional versatility. DTB's mixed bag may be filled with sensationalistic attempts to offend and raise eyebrows, but their vast musical catalog also contains songs that explore the human condition and promote themes like love, truth, social justice, defiance and self-pride.

In 2013 the band hit the studio with Norwood as producer of their 6th full-length studio album, 'Masterz of the Universe'. With Fisher at the helm, the album oozes amazing bass tone, capturing Ron's unique, inventive style. 'Masterz' is the band's first attempt at a 'serious' rock record, an intentional departure from the ludicrous nature of 'Grabbleton's'. Even though some of the songs are in the vein of DTB's previous lunacy, most of 'Masterz' is comprised of tightly focused compositions written from a sincere state of being. The lyrics chronicle Neil's journey out of the fog of a 6-year battle with anti-depressants, in which he dishes with brutal honesty about love, chemical dependency, the state of the world, and staying true to DTB's artistic vision against all odds. Considered by the band to be their greatest triumph, 'Masterz' was released in November of 2013. The promotion of the album will continue well into 2015, with multiple music videos and hundreds of tour dates in the works supporting bands like DEAD KENNEDYS, THE ADICTS, PEELANDER-Z and many more.

Starting in a basement with zero dollars and little more than a passion to play the music they love, Downtown Brown have since toured the country and recorded with some their heroes, all while maintaining their own unique style and sound.
She Likes Todd
She Likes Todd
Nondescript Alloy-Edged, Progressive Punk Rock.

Hello! Dave here! I've known Rob since I was a wee lad of 14 or so. Todd and I used to jam before either of us could really play our instruments. One day, Rob approached us to start a "punk" band. I thought "Punk, eh? How hard can that be? We'll be famous in no time!" Well over a decade later, we have found out how hard it can be. We have played all over the country, and some in Canada. We had a major line up change when Kyle joined the band in '06 and Todd joined Rule 22 in '08, being replaced by Dennis. This is the true lineup and sound, and we're really happy to be making the music that we do. We have played with The Alkaline Trio, Strung out, Authority Zero, The Queers, The BollWeevils, Agent Orange, 88 Fingers Louie, and D.I...and they all thought we sucked. I"m just kidding. They wouldn't even talk to us. What do we sound like? I've heard someone say "you guys should be on RoadRunner", and I was like HOW DARE YOU? and another guy was like "I feel like I was watching Millencolin in 1994", to which I said "m'kay". Check out our music through facebook, buy any or all of our merch through our online store, or, how about this...COME TO SHOWS! YOU DON'T GO TO ENOUGH SHOWS ANYMORE! NO ONE DOES! Pick up "A Story Still Untold" for $5. Some kid from reverb nation said it was the best album of the year. So that must mean it is. So that's it. We love you.
Glostik Willy
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