Rachels Bully, Wrecked

Friday 10.27.17

9:00 pm

$10.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

Beatallica is a band that plays songs made from the combination of the lyrics and music of The Beatles and Metallica. The band was formed in 2001 by "Krk Hammetson" and "Jaymz Lennfield".

The band "members" names are also combinations of Beatles and Metallica member names.

Current line up:
Jaymz Lennfield (Michael "Tinker" Tierney) - vocals, lyrics, songwriting, rhythm guitar
Grg Hammetson III (Jeff Hamilton) - lead guitar
Kliff McBurtney (Paul Terrien) - bass
Ringo Larz (Ryan Charles) - drums

Former members:
Grg Hammetson (Jeff Salzman) - lead guitar, 2006-2008
Kliff McBurtney (Lee Bruso) - bass, 2004-2005
Kliff McBurtney (Troy Butero) - bass, 2001-2004
Krk Hammetson (Michael Brandenburg) - lead guitar, 2001-2006
Rachels Bully
Rachels Bully
Rachels Bully is an Original Rock Band with Southern Based Rock Roots and a Bully Attitude.
"“I love the new EP from Chicago band WRECKED which includes the great songs: ENEMY, WAKE UP and REMEMBER ME that feature blistering guitar work and powerful lead vocals that demand you play the EP LOUD and OFTEN..” Mark Mazzetti/President, RECORD COMPANY IN A BOX, Los Angeles, - May 2011 "
- Mark Mazzetti, Mark Mazzetti/President, RECORD COMPANY IN A BOX

"I liked it. Yes you should be blown over by a feather because usually you have to be David Draiman for me to like you or your band, but I like them. Give them a listen and see if you do as well. -Lick ya later -Aniviel "
- Aniviel, Heavy Metal Nation
Venue Information:
1000 N Rohlwing Road #13
Lombard, IL, 60148