Labor Day Weekend ROCKS - Afterlife Fest W/ Tantric & More
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Labor Day Weekend ROCKS - Afterlife Fest W/ Tantric & More

Ages 21+
Labor Day Weekend ROCKS- Afterlife Fest W/ Tantric & More

Welp and then there was a select few remaining... Still not letting this die after everything that has happened... Let's recap she'll we:

Feb 2020 - Show is booked with Puddle of Mudd, Fuel, Trapt Tantric + Regional Support & Locals.

April 2020- Chris from Trapt acts like a bitch all over social media and brings politics into music. Bobby From Afterlife tells him to get fucked and they have an epic Facebook battle on Trapts Fan Page.

May 2020 - Trapt is Replaced by Local H

June 2020- Puddle of Mudd cancels their entire 202 Tour

Early July 2020- Fuel Cancels Entire Tour & Local H is Moved to the headline spot.

Late July 2020- Local H respectfully asked that the show is out side so that socially distancing my take place.

August 2020- Afterlife Pays Thousands in permit fees, fencing, tents, out door staging & More to SAVE LIVE MUSIC & KEEP THE CHARITY CAUSE ALIVE...

Sept 4th 2020 - Scumbag cunt of landlord pulls plug with no notice on outdoor stage. Local H drops out of the show ( We mean this in no bad way at all we knew what their requirements were to begin with). Bobby from Afterlife calls Tantric to cancel them. Tantric Convinces us all to still have a show because they " Don't really give a fuck and are ready to go". Local and Regional Support Jumps Back on. DJ stage Stays intact. Full Price tickets are refunded. $10 early bird admission and $10 at the door...

Still Not Fucking Quitting... Fuck Covid-19, Fuck 2020, We need Music.

- Bobby

Afterlife Music Hall Lineup and Times:

Doors: 4pm

5pm- 545: Eastgate

6-645: The Sedonas

715:-8pm- Suicide Squad

830-915- Primal Moon

9:45-1030: Unlikely Souls

10:45- 11:30 EGXBH

11:45 - Until how ever the fuck long they wanna rock it - Tantric


Venue Information:
1000 North Rohlwing Road, #13
Lombard, IL, 60148