Weepin' Willows (Patsy Cline Tribute Band)

Classic Roots & Country Sounds with...

Weepin' Willows (Patsy Cline Tribute Band)

The Legendary Bourbonaires of Logan Square, Rockin' Billy

Sat, March 9, 2013

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Brauer House

Lombard, IL

$6.00 - $8.00

This event is 21 and over

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Weepin' Willows (Patsy Cline Tribute Band)
Weepin' Willows (Patsy Cline Tribute Band)
Weepin' Willows are Chicago's ONE and ONLY Patsy Cline cover band.

We have a very deep appreciation for all things Patsy!
Jammin' in styles she recorded and performed, including Country Blues, Honky Tonk, Western Swing and the Nashville Sound.

Singer, Natalie Jose (also of Blue Ribbon Glee Club) leads this Chicago based outfit, as they explore the dynamic artistry of country music legend, Patsy Cline. Weepin' Willows takes its audiences back to the good ol' grit of Patsy's Honky Tonk stomps, alongside her polished gems of the 1960's Nashville Sound.

Formed in late 2009, The Weepin’ Willows features an all-star line-up including: drummer, Jamie Gallagher (Andreas Kapsalis Trio, Megitza Quartet); lead guitarist, Dave Gallagher (Umbra and the Volcan Siege); pianist, Dan Ingenthron, (Curtis Evans and Our Friends Electric); steel guitarist/guitarist, Adam Przyblyla (Andy Wagner Band, Blue Line Riders); and upright bassist, Bob Lovecchio (Angel Melendez & The 911 Mambo Orchestra). Weepin’ Willows have played extensively throughout Chicago, including venues such as The Whistler, Cole's, and The Empty Bottle.

Originally from Naperville, IL, Natalie discovered a love for Patsy Cline during a post-college stint while living in the Appalachian countryside of southeastern Ohio. A life-long singer, she noticed a similarity between the tone and texture of her own voice and Cline’s rich contralto.

After moving to Chicago, Jose decided to form the Weepin' Willows in order to celebrate Patsy Cline and perform her songbook for a live audience.
The Legendary Bourbonaires of Logan Square
The Legendary Bourbonaires of Logan Square
The Legendary Bourbonaires of Logan Square are an acoustic trio based mainly in the vivid traditions of Honky-Tonk, Country, and American Roots music.

The Legendary Bourbonaires of Logan Square are an acoustic trio based mainly in the vivid traditions of Honky-Tonk, Country, and American Roots music. The trio formed in late 2009, as an extension and response to the claustrophobic musical trends of modern society. Three longtime friends through life and various musical projects, the Bourbonaires started out as three fellas that couldn't afford to go out and drink. From there, they acquired a fine taste for Old Crow Bourbon and a mutual love for the soundtrack of drinking, which is Honky-Tonk music. They would sit around on a Wednesday night, with an upright bass, dobro, and guitar, drinking bourbon and learning old Elvis, Buck Owens, and Hank WIliams standards. This grew to playing even more stylized versions of tunes from CCR, the Band, Little Feat, and Gram Parsons. However, it was all cemented in bourbon, roots, and an all acoustic sensibility. These deep sets of covers lead them into writing a varied array of originals with finely crafted harmonies. The band would play house parties and openings, for hours on end, and you would never hear the same song twice. The experience of their performance has become one which is rare and takes you back to a simpler time. Three guys set up in the corner of a bar, with no microphones or amplifiers. Just singing and picking..
Rockin' Billy
Rockin' Billy
Bill Harden has been a fixture on the Chicago music scene for over 20 years with a career spanning the genres of blues, punk, rockabilly, rock, country and gospel. He has created a personal style that fuses these influences into whirlwind presentation that calls to mind the hypnotic solos of Jimi Hendrix with driving guitar rhythms of the Memphis Blues greats forming an individual style that blends Lightnin' Hopkins, Elvis, Black Sabbath and Johnny Cash. Long respected in the Rockabilly scene he has reached a culmination of creativity that has only just begun to break through as an individual voice in an altogether new style of music.

He began playing blues with Lefty Diz at the Checkerboard Lounge on Chicago's South Side, as well as the original Maxwell Street Market in the early '80's. His first band, Sponge, whose album was released on "Under Dog" records in 1985, was a well received punk band with audiences as far away as Memphis and London. His first solo album "Rockin' Pharoh", released in 1995, was produced by Steve Albini was well received by Chicago music critics and was his first foray into rockabilly. His next album "Viva La Rock & Roll" brought the fat sounds of Vegas style horns and received much airplay on Chicago's Q101 and WXRT. His next album "Betty's Blue Star Lounge" contained classic '50's Rock & Roll influences and was a tribute to the bar of the same name, one of many Chicago bars like Mad Bar and The Bop Shop were he spent time as a house band and built a loyal following that continues to this day.

Throughout his career he has continued to play in gospel churches and blues clubs and has been known to evangelize on street corners through his guitar thus keeping in touch with the roots of Chicago that have carried him on through his anointed music these many years. These roots are what differentiate him from the average "blues or rock" musicians in Chicago and are the reason his fans continue to seek him out, waiting to see what his latest musical incarnation will be or what unexpected solo tangent will emerge from his guitar.

He has recorded on the legendary Sun Records with many of the greats, including Sonny Burgess, Ray Campi and Hayden Thompson and his upcoming album, set for release this year, contains heavy country influences but still provides the impressive solos he is known for, this time in the form of intricate finger picking. Although the country style is evident, the urban backdrop seems to weave through the architecture of the songs, calling to mind an afternoon spent sitting by the open door of his Wicker Park guitar shop where he likely composed many of the songs on this album. Rockin' Billy and the Wild Coyotes have played at nearly every well known and not-so-well known venue in Chicago, including headlining at the Metro and the Double Door as well as Buddy Guy's Legends, the Elbo Room, The California Clipper, Smoke Daddy, Mad Bar and more. He has also played at Al Green's Church in Memphis, BlueGrass Inn in Nashville and the Blues Festival in Utrecht, Holland.

As his career continues it's upward climb, digressing on tangents at times, fusing styles at others, he continues to make a major and truly individual impact on Chicago music.
Venue Information:
Brauer House
1000 N Rohlwing Road #13
Lombard, IL, 60148